MycoTechnology utilizes fungi based food-processing platforms to transform the flavor and value of agricultural products. MycoTechnology Inc., a food technology company, develops and delivers a fermentation process using gourmet fungi to transforms agricultural products to. Myco Technology Inc., Aurora, Colorado. likes. We are an innovative food processing platform that enhances the taste, value and health of a food.

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An organic, non-GMO and chemical free mydotechnology to eliminate bitterness in almost any formulation. ClearTaste Making a Big Impact. The company has also developed a novel non-animal protein providing a full amino-acid profile to meet the growing demand for sustainable protein. Venture Round – MycoTechnology. Why democracy is today’s best form of government.

Discover a new organic solution for flavor defect issues. This is how you’re going to get caught.

Next, staffers discovered how to remove bitterness mycotecnnology chocolate and other undesirable flavors in green tea and stevia sweeteners, then developed a process to take gluten and turn it into 40 percent more protein in wheat.

Corporate VC Funded Companies. The company offers myceliated chocolate as well as robusta and arabica coffee beans. Number of Funding Rounds. The platform can be used to solve a variety of challenges faced by the food, beverage and flavor industries.

Mhcotechnology Fruit Reduces the citrus flavor profile of monk fruit. Food and Beverage Companies.

Find out how we became the worlds most innovative ingredient company. Posted by Myco Technology Inc.

MycoTechnology | Crunchbase

WHAT MycoTechnology is a fungi fermentation specialty company that has developed a platform leveraging the mycelium of gourmet mushrooms to create new and beneficial ingredients and bioactive processes. Date that the Funding Round was publicly announced. Board Members and Advisors. Descriptive keyword for an Organization e. Debt Financing – MycoTechnology.

MycoTechnology By Eric Peterson. Aurora mycltechnology, ColoradoUnited States.

Mycotechnology: the role of fungi in biotechnology. – PubMed – NCBI

Improving Nature With Nature. See more of Myco Technology Inc. In most applications, ClearTaste is effective in extremely low concentrations. Peter Lubar Board Member. Organic bitter blocker that is a simple add-in ingredient. He can be reached at Eptcb msn.

The company was incorporated in and is based in Aurora, Colorado. Patents and Trademarks by IPqwery. Scott Horner Board Member. Total Products Active Number of Lead Investors. ClearTaste improves the flavor of various agriculture products. Supplements Mtcotechnology the taste of your supplements with our simple add-in ingredient.


Web Traffic by SimilarWeb. The company requested beans from several roasters, treated them, and returned them less bitter, richer and tastier. MycoTechnology is ranked 6, among websites globally based on its 1, monthly web visitors. Jachimiec Vice President, Finance and Administration. Additionally, MycoTechnology has registered 5 trademarks with the most popular class being ‘ Chemical substances ‘.

Our investment in MycoTechnology was driven by our belief that the company has a game changing technology platform that is unlocking unique and valuable products and processes from mycelium with positive impacts on human health. WHY MycoTechnology makes value added ingredients such as coffee, cacao and stevia taste less bitter and thus be more attractive to manufacturers and their consumers.

Mycotechnology: the role of fungi in biotechnology.

Cassiobury Court Medical Company. Super excited and spreading the word See More. Innovative work and excellent employer.

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