Watch All Episodes of Qissa Chaar Darvesh (Trending Drama) in High Defination Quality, Read and Share reviews/suggestions. Visit Official Website. QR code for Qissa char darvesh. Title, Qissa char darvesh. Author, Mohammad Yunus Hasrat. Publisher, Ferozsons. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. 20 Mar These stories were originally written in Persian by Amir Khusro as “Ghasseh-e Chahar Darvesh” (The Tale of the Four Dervishes). It was initially.

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They amused me with the gossip of every place, and every idle, lying tittle tattle; they continued urging me thus.

He comes upon four dervishes in a cemetery, and listens to their fantastical stories. Well; I comply with your request. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. Disregarding the amusements of the entertainment, they began to attend only to this strange spectacle.

Bagh-o-Bahar Qissa Chahar Darwesh ebooks by Mir Amman | Rekhta

I replied, your happiness is essential to me, what can be better [than what you propose]; send for her without delay; nothing, it is true, is agreeable without the presence of the beloved one.

On hearing this, he was extremely pleased, and said, “Very well, my dear friend, yon have [by your kind offer] spoken the wish of my heart. A certain space of time passed away in this mystery and submission–I instantly procured for her whatever she desired.

Since the introduction of European watches and clocks, the term ghari is applied to the Christian hour of sixty minutes. This, perhaps, induced Mir Amman to call the wonder-performing barber and surgeon ‘Isa. I then quickly put on my former clothes, and bent my way homewards, waited on the angelic lady. In short, for forty days this same state of things continued.

Thou hast been ready to promote my wishes with thy life and property, and whatever were thy means, thou hast offered [them cheerfully]. My pronunciation was not like that of the inhabitants of that city.

At last, for the purpose of consultation, I sent for the same experienced eunuch, and said to him, ‘I can devise no plan by which I may see the youth for a moment, and inspire my heart with patience. In the recesses of the walls, various kinds of oranges and confectionery of various colours were placed. He comes upon four dervishes in a cemetery, and listens in to their fantastical stories. I beseeched her to hear me, but she disregarded what I said.

By her coming, the beauties of that garden, and the joy of my heart, revived. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. The eunuch asked him, ‘Is all well to-day?

Leaving there the princess, I set out, and was looking all around to find somewhere or other on the ground, or the river, some trace of a human being.

Although I became more easy in my mind, yet this perplexity continued in my heart. In those days, seeing thee without money and sad, I wrote the note to Sidi Bahar, who is my cashier. In the meantime, I then observed to the young merchant, I am in every way your friend and servant; it were well that your handsome mistress, to whom your heart is attached, should honour us with her presence; it will be perfectly agreeable to me, and if you please, I will send a person to call her.

Darvezh am now your slave without purchase, and if you should make shoes of my skin and wear them, I will not complain.

I dsrvesh two or three severe fasts, but could no longer bear [the cravings of] hunger. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. I was somewhat comforted on seeing him, darbesh asked him an explanation of these strange events. Some apart observed, “O friends, there is an antagonism between love and reason!

When night was over, and the dawn began to appear, we arrived on the banks of a certain lake; alighting darves our horses, we washed our chaha and faces; having breakfasted in darvesu haste, we mounted again and set off. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. It was initially translated by an unknown author into Urdu but the language was a highly literate one and was not understood by general public to enjoy. Newer Post Older Post Home. I hope one favour [from your majesty], that you would order your steward to prepare all the necessary articles for an entertainment at my house, that I may, under chzhar pretence of an entertainment, send for those two wretches, and punish them for their deeds and also inflict vengeance for myself.

An irrepressible desire arose within me, when in that state, that for a short time I should enjoy a walk in that [garden]. God has given you this perfection in your profession; favour this [unfortunate] traveller, and come to his humble dwelling; see my wife, and if her life should be saved, then you will acquire great fame, and I will be your slave as long as I live. In the same manner that I have, in compliance with your wishes, granted all you requested, do you also in like manner perform what I desire; my advice qssa this occasion is, that it is no longer proper either for you or me to remain in this city.

The first title the East India Company received from the court of Dilli was ‘Umdatu-t-Tujjaror the noble merchants. Wilt thou live or die?

The good surgeon was regular in his attendance, and in a short time all the wounds filled up, and began to heal; a few days after she performed the ablution of cure.

Qissa char darvesh.

I had determined within myself that after this marriage, which is my soul’s entire delight, I would question your highness respecting sundry circumstances which I do not comprehend, and which I cannot unravel; that from your own blessed lips I might hear their explanation; then my heart would be at ease. At last, how could I bear it? And now, behold, I have related to thee all my adventures from the beginning to the end; do you yet desire in your heart any other [explanations]?

In short, what bounds could be set to the fondness of a father, who had an only son, and was so exceedingly rich! Then this idea came into my mind, that since I could find no trace of that beloved one, even life itself was a weariness.

Having no resource, I likewise left the place, sad and hopeless. My heart only knows the state of joy I felt at that moment. Distracted with these fancies, I threw off and cast away my clothes, and becoming a naked faqirI wandered about in the kingdom of Syria from morn until eve, and at night lay qisa to rest in any place [I could find].

To an inferior or dependant, the master of the house gives the corner of the masnad to sit on; to an equal or intimate friend, he gives part of the large pillow to lean on; to a superior, he abandons darveah whole pillow, and betakes himself darvvesh the corner of the masnad.

On seeing this sight, my senses forsook me, and my judgment was of no avail [in explaining to me] what this was and what had happened. After so much trouble and afflictions, God shewed me this happy day, when I gained the desires of my heart; but in the same degree that my heart wished to possess this angelic lady, it felt equally anxious and uneasy to know the explication of those strange events [which had occurred]; for, up to that day I knew nothing about who she was; or who was that brown, handsome negro, who on seeing a bit of paper, delivered to me so many bags of gold; and how that princely entertainment was prepared in the space of one pahar ; and why those two innocent persons were put to death after the entertainment; and the cause of the anger and ingratitude she showed me after all my services and kindnesses; and then all at once to elevate this wretch [to the height of happiness.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Qisea young man seemed displeased and said, “O sir, chhaar you wished to be so reserved, it was not carvesh to show such warmth of friendly greeting in your first approach. The flint is called chikmak ka pathar.

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